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Shelfbox 400 (5 pack)


Shelfbox 400

Colour: Clear

Height: 85mm
Width: 140mm
Depth: 425mm
Load Capacity: 11kg 

Functional Shelfbox makes for easy handling of stored products and materials. The may be used for on shelf storage or secured to slatwall and pegboard.

Manufactured to fit smoothly into existing store fixture and warehouse systems, the practical slathook doubles as a shelf hanglock, saving valuable display and storage space.

Fitted with label holder and dividers, Shelfbox is the flexible storage option.

Shelfbox small parts storage trays are designed for materials storage and handling. They are designed to organise and maximise the space in the Steelspan Cabinet 915 and Cabinet 1860. Each cabinet shelf can accomodate 6 Shelfboxes with up to 10 shelves high in the Cabinet 1960; a total of 60 Shelfboxes per cabinet. Fitted with a label holder, divider options and a rear hang lock the Shelfbox is a convenient and practical solution for dense small parts storage.Shelfboxes are recommended for industrial, retail and home use - warehouses, workshops, repair centres, garages, electronic shops, craft shops or any business requiring efficient storage of small items.

The Shelfbox is made from super-tough, impact-modified, fade-resistant, virgin polypropylene. Is food safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and recyclable.

The Shelfbox range is available with slatwall fitting and may be secured to Steelspan's Metal Pegboard using the Pegboard Unihook Adapter (below)

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